Longbox Heroes Brings Us 4.5″ Retro Action Figures of Rocketeer, The Tick, and More!

Fresh Monkey Fiction

Did you grow up liking comic book characters that never made their way into action figure form? I was a big Mr. Monster fan, and not until the past few years has the gun-toting hero gotten his own toy. Thankfully, companies like Fresh Monkey Fiction are filling this void which a brand new toyline called Longbox Heroes.
Independent comic book heroes and villains are finally getting retro-styled action figures. Similar to Kenner’s Super Powers line, the Longbox Heroes have seven points of articulation and few accessories. Each figure is about 4.5″ tall and is sculpted by ToyOtter Toys’ Jason Geyer.
The first line is split up into two packs. The six-pack includes Cassie, Madman, Mr. Monster, The Good, Tick, and Grendel. This is priced at $174.99 and can be pre-ordered through the Big Bad Toy Store. A Rocketeer three-pack at the BBTS is $74.99 and comes with The Rocketeer, Black Phantom, and an Onslaught Trooper. The figures can be ordered individually for $24.99 each.

Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction

Independent toy makers take on independent comic book icons! The Longbox Heroes Collection™ is the toy line that fans have been waiting for and features a selection of action figures based on some of the biggest names in creator-owned comic books heroes (and villians) including: Madman™ created by Mike Allred, The Goon™ created by Eric Powell, The Tick™ created by Ben Edlund, Mr. Monster™ created by Michael T. Gilbert, Cassie Hack™ created by Tim Seeley, Grendel™ created by Matt Wagner, and The Rocketeer™ created by Dave Stevens.  Along with all-new characters The Black Phantom™* and the army-building Onslaught Trooper™* inspired by “The Rocketeer Jet-Pack Adventures” collection of stories!

Which of these indie comic heroes are you looking at picking up? Let us know in the comments section below.
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