Ah, Geez. Beast Kingdom Adds Rick and Morty to Dynamic 8ction Heroes

Dynamic 8ction Heroes Rick and Morty Morty Smith
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*Enter any variety of overused Rick and Morty catchphrases here*

Yes, Rick and Morty collectibles are still rolling out, even if the show’s future may be in question. With just a few weeks away, Beast Kingdom has announced that the abusive and co-dependent multi-dimensional hopping duo has officially joined the Dynamic 8ction Heroes (DAH) toy line.

The 1:9 scale premium action figures stand at 20cm and 15.5cm. Each one packs several accessories and interchangeable parts. However, unlike most DAH figures we’ve seen in the past, the soft goods are limited. The only bit of fabric we get here comes in the form of Rick’s lab coat.

This isn’t exactly a bad thing since the lack of sewn outfits means articulation on both figures is far more dynamic. Yes, Rick and Morty can reenact their nihilistic hijinks on your toy shelf!

Best of all, each figure is priced at only $59.99! They’ll be out next May.

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is unleashing a new D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) action figure collection from the fantastically wacky world of ‘Rick and Morty.’

Rick Sanchez comes with 16 points of articulation and the following accessories:

  • Three (3) Rick Sanchez replaceable head sculpts (normal, drooling, startled)
  • Five (5) interchangeable hand options (fist/open/holding/item/relaxed holding with remote control)
  • Accessories: Portal gun, Upgraded laser gun, Portal(Pet film material), Remote control
  • Real Fabric-textured lab coat

Morty Smith, probably unwillingly, also has 16 points of articulation, accessories, and a to-scale Pickle Rick:

  • Three (3) replaceable head sculpts: (Normal, Confused, Angry)
  • Four (4) Interchangeable hands (fist/indicate/holding/relaxed)
  • Accessories: Mind Blowers, Three Test Tubes, Pickle Rick

Is it fair to say that Rick and Morty has run its course? I think Pickle Rick was the start of the slide into irrelevance, but the removal of Justin Roiland may have been the final nail in the coffin.


[Source: Beast Kingdom] [Source: Beast Kingdom]
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