Daniel Radcliffe Dismisses “Incredibly Flattering” Wolverine Rumor

Following Hugh Jackman’s retirement from the role of Wolverine after the release of 20th Century Fox’s ‘Logan,’ there has been much speculation about how will take over the role following Disney’s acquisition of Fox and their desire to insert them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
One such person is ‘Harry Potter’ star Daniel Radcliffe with even fan art circulating on the internet and social media portraying the actor in the role.
Radcliffe seemed to put those rumors to rest during an interview with ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ where he called the possibility “incredibly flattering” but denied that he is being considered to wear the adamantium claws or suit up to battle sentinels.
“This is something that has come up every so often for the last few years and every time it comes up I’m like, ‘That’s not true, there’s nothing behind that’ and everyone’s like, ‘Ah he said it might be true,'” he explained according to a Digital Spy report. “No I didn’t! I said the opposite of that. And then every so often I’ll get bored answering the question in a sensible way so I’ll make a joke. Every time I make a joke I’m like, ‘Why did you do that?'”
“So the other day I was like, ‘Prove me wrong Marvel…’ and then that has ignited a whole thing. But yeah, I think it’s because Wolverine in the comics is fairly short – I think it’s people going, ‘Who’s a short actor? Him! He could maybe play him,'” he joked.
The ‘Guns Akimbo’ star is a recurring actor in the comedy anthology series ‘Miracle Workers,’ appearing in all three seasons for a total of twenty-seven episodes. The show has been renewed for a fourth season.
At one point, Daniel Radcliffe was considered for the role of Moon Knight for the Disney Plus series, but that role eventually went to Oscar Isaac.

Jacob Airey

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