Doctor Strange’s New Hot Toys Figure Is Far From Home

After watching the trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, I’m wondering if Marvel is setting Doctor Strange up for a heel turn. You think the master of mysticism would know better than tampering with anything that could mess up the multiverse.
Hot Toys had its hands full when it came to the MCU’s Doctor Strange. He has a load of special effects associated with him in each movie, and what would his action figure be without a way to represent his mystical magic? As a result, you’ll get a lot of accessories with the upcoming figure that can be pre-ordered through Sideshow right now for $315.
Strange will be taking his sweet time coming to our universe, though. He isn’t expected to be here until January or March 2023.

Hot Toys

Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Hot Toys
Interchangeable Parts:

  • Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable hands including:
    • One (1) pair of open hands
    • Two (2) pairs of mystic power-using hands
    • Four (4) gesture hands
    • One (1) right hand for holding ropes mystic art effect
  • Each head sculpt specially hand-painted


  • One (1) red-colored cape (The Cloak of Levitation) adorned with intricate embroidery and special magnetic clip-on design
  • One (1) navy-colored under-tunic
  • One (1) multi-layered blue and navy-colored tunic
  • One (1) dark brown-colored cummerbund
  • One (1) pair of dark blue-colored pants
  • One (1) pair of black and blue-colored boots


  • One (1) The Box
  • One (1) LED light-up platform with mystic art effects (battery operated)
  • One (1) amulet (The Eye of Agamotto)
  • Two (2) sling rings
  • Thirteen (13) pieces of mystic art effects including:
    • One (1) bundle of orange-colored ropes mystic art effect
    • One (1) orange-colored square-shaped mystic art effect
    • One (1) strand of orange-colored mystic art effect
    • One (1) pair of orange-colored mandalas of light
    • Two (2) pairs of orange-colored mandalas of light in different sizes (wearable on forearms)
    • Two (2) pairs of green-colored mandalas of light in different sizes (wearable on forearms)

Regardless of the plans for Strange, we know in this upcoming movie that he is going to be in a bit of a feud with Spider-Man. Will that kid never learn?
This Doctor Strange figure must be the one that delivers the most bang for the buck. That’s a lot of extra effects and accessories. His multi-layered costume also looks like a work of art. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.
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