Diamond Select Makes Mr. Fantastic Fantastically Bland

Photo Credit: Diamond Select

I’m still waiting for a worthwhile Mr. Fantastic action figure. The same with Sue Storm. At least with the Invisible Woman, you’ll get a semi-translucent action figure. With Reed Richards? Sometimes you get a couple of elongated arms, nothing spectacular. At least the animated series action figure from the ’90s had actual stretch arms. Will the upcoming Diamond Select figure do justice to one of Marvel’s leading men?


The absolute best thing about this figure is that Reed Richards looks remarkably like Bruce Campbell. Imagine if Marvel or Disney had made that casting decision early on during the MCU’s life cycle. Oh, that would have been great. Reed isn’t a fascinating character, but Bruce could have given the super elastic mega genius a lot of life on the silver screen. Unfortunately, besides a passing resemblance to a great character actor, this Mr. Fantastic figure is bland. Very bland. Even his included accessory turns him into something equally dull: a pen holder.

Seriously, look at the pictures. The swappable body turns the long-running Marvel hero into a pen holder. Well, that is if that alternate body is hollow. Unfortunately, there are not enough pictures to tell, but I doubt Diamond Select would include a massive chunk of solid plastic for $29.99.

The description does say Mr. Fantastic comes with “interchangeable hands and stretched parts,” but the official website for this figure does not show any of that. Come on.

Photo Credit: Diamond Select
Photo Credit: Diamond Select
Photo Credit: Diamond Select
Photo Credit: Diamond Select
Photo Credit: Diamond Select
Photo Credit: Diamond Select

This is a fantastic figure! The Fantastic Four finally get their leader with the release of Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, in the Marvel Select line! This 7-inch action figure features 16 points of articulation, as well as interchangeable hands and stretched parts, including a lower body section that can wrap around an opponent! It comes in display-ready Select action figure packaging, with side-panel artwork for shelf display.


[Source: Diamond Select]
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