The Next ALIEN Movie Starts Shooting Soon!

Despite what the previous two films did, the ALIENS franchise is far from dead. After Disney bought up 20th Century Fox, we all knew that the Mouse would find a way to mine the property in any way possible. That means multiple movies and TV series. It has come to light that a film from Evil Dead (2013) by director Fede Alvarez is about to move forward early in 2023.

Superhero Hype found this info out by checking out the Film & Industry Alliance website. Unfortunately, the details are incredibly sparse, only telling us that the shooting will kick off on February 6th, 2023, in Budapest, Hungary. However, there is a single-sentence plot summary:

An original standalone feature based the original sci-fi horror movie released in 1979.

Other details revealed in the production notes tell us that Ridley Scott will serve as a producer, and Fede Alvarez shares scriptwriting duties with Rodo Sayagues, with whom Alvarez co-wrote Evil Dead. Cailee Spaeny from The Craft: Legacy is listed as the sole actor attached to the project so far.

The working title, which is subject to change after the film wraps, is ALIEN: Romulus. As much as I’d love for this to be an official Star Trek crossover with the xenomorph universe, the title may refer to the mythological Roman brothers or possibly an allegory to the fate of the Sabine Women. After all, the xenomorphs’ lifecycle starts with, typically, nonconsensual assault and impregnation. Since this film has no established timeline, it could take place long before the derelict is discovered on LV-426 or years after the murderous creatures find a way to Earth.

It may be a blessing that Ridley Scott is taking a backseat to the property he helped create. Ultimately, his attempts to tell a backstory regarding the Engineers and early versions of the xenomorphs did more harm than good to the mythos. As a result, we’ll probably never see a conclusion to David’s quest to create his perfect queen, and that be for the better.

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