Me Grimlock! Me Expensive Auto-Converting Transformer King!

Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot - Flagship Collector's Edition
Photo Credit: Hasbro Pulse

Two years ago, Robosen and Hasbro announced an auto-transforming Optimus Prime. A lot has happened since then, including technological advancements and increasing prices. If you felt like the $750 Autobot Leader was too expensive, wait until you get a load of following toy’s price tag!

This week Hasbro Pulse opened up pre-orders for the next auto-converting transformer: Grimlock, the King of the Dinobots—the ferocious and primitive Autobot large, in charge, and $1,499.

Phew… That’s an expensive toy. However, he looks like he may have more functionality than the previously released Optimus Prime figure.

Grimlock features over 150 new voice lines recorded by the original G1 voice actor Gregg Berger! I hope he snuck a few Cornfed Pig lines in there (keep the Duckman dream alive!).

Like Prime, Grimlock features several programmable features powered by the Robosen app.

Grimlock is arriving pretty soon, too. The expected ship date is November 1st, 2023.

Grimlock will have the following programmable features:

  • We offer four programming modes, making it easy to program new actions for Grimlock. We also provide cloud sharing functionality, allowing Robosen users from around the world to freely create, share, and download other custom actions, enabling Grimlock to do so much more!
  • Where you can drag modules to set the angles and speeds of the robot’s movements, and create a segment of robot movements to reproduce classic scenes from the movies.
  • Intelligent manual manipulation, where you can directly adjust the joints to suitable angles and positions to quickly create robot movements.
  • Say “start programming” to the robot, and then say multiple command words in the order you want, and then say “execute” after completion, and you can easily create a robot performance according to the order of the voice commands.
  • When you want to unleash the full potential of Grimlock robot, we recommend using computer-based 3D programming software.

What do you think of the expensive, high-tech Dinobot? Let us know below!

[Source: Hasbro Pulse]
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