Hawken Is Coming Back with Hawken Reborn

People who love to play video games with giant robots will remember a mech game released in 2011 called Hawken. It was one of the few free-to-play online games back then to feature controllable mechs in a multiplayer setting. And while the game was short-lived, it did have a positive reception from mech enthusiasts and competitive players. Now it looks like Hawken will be making a comeback, but in a different way than you might remember.

505 Games revealed Hawken Reborn in a brand new trailer, coming soon to early access May 17th on Steam. The trailer shows a bit of gameplay, which is not focused on player vs player (PvP) action. Hawken Reborn will instead pivot its gameplay to a more PvE design. The game will be a mostly single-player experience at launch, with co-op multiplayer modes set for release sometime afterward.

Hawken Reborn senior producer Brian Decker spoke with PC Gamer about what fans can expect from the return of Hawken. “By going PvE, it lowers the barrier to entry a little bit with people who might see a PvP game and get discouraged, just because they think they don’t have the skill set needed to come in… There is something very engaging about playing games, especially mech games, with other people… So the co-op is our sort of chance to tick that box … to let you enjoy the experience with your friends… The sky’s the limit on what’s to come…”

As of now, Hawken Reborn will have five mechs to control, with six missions to play through. Players will have around nine different weapons to use in-game, with more to come later after it releases on early access. Mechs can be tweaked and customized in different ways to give an edge in combat where you need it most. Luckily, players won’t have to worry about things like loot boxes coming into effect. While there will be options to purchase materials with real money, you can still earn everything by playing the game and earning them through progress. The game’s director Luigi Fusco explained more of the team’s approach to progression in Hawken Reborn. “The foundational philosophy of the game’s monetization system was based on the premise of anything that a player can purchase using real money they must be able to play towards…”

The original Hawken was released in 2011 for PC, which was actively played online until servers for the game were shut down in 2018. Hawken Reborn isn’t a remake or reimagining of the original game, but a continuation in some ways that build upon what was already there. Hawken Reborn is set for release on early access on Steam May 17th.

Did you get to play Hawken back when it was first released? Are you a big fan of mech games or giant robots? Share your thoughts on everything down below in the comment section!

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