Native American Captain America Met with Both Praise and Backlash on Twitter

Marvel Comics has announced yet another version of Captain America, and this time Cap is a Native American.

Joe Gomez of the Kickapoo Tribe joins several other previously announced iterations of the hero planned for an comics event called The United States of Captain America, which celebrates the 80th Anniversary of Captain America.

Created by Lipan Apache writer Darcie Little Badger and Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation artist David Cutler, Joe Gomez’s Captain America will first appear in The United States of Captain America #3.

Here’s how Joe Gomez is described by writer Darcie Little Badger via

“See, Joe Gomez is a construction worker, a builder in a world plagued by destruction. Every time a spaceship crashes into a bridge or a supervillain transforms a whole city block into rubble, people like Joe make things whole again. Work like that may seem thankless, but Joe genuinely enjoys helping his community survive and thrive.

That’s why he won’t charge elders for home repair services (the Joe Gomez senior discount is 100%). That’s also why he’s willing to risk his life to save others. I know lots of people like Joe–many of them my Indigenous relatives–so it was wonderful to help develop a character with his values, strength, and extreme crane-operating skills.”

Despite being created by Native American comics creators, the reaction on social media has been mixed. Some feel the look is “stereotypical” while others questioned why a Native American would dress themselves in the flag of a country that pushed them out of their land.


The announcement tweet from the official Captain America Twitter account didn’t go as well as Marvel had probably hoped.

Here are some more of Twitter’s reactions…

Website Heroic Hollywood posted a tweet with the new design, and nearly all of the comments were negative.

Others pointed out a similarity to the character of American Eagle from the 1980s, who had his costume redesigned to be less stereotypical.

Still, others are much more enthusiastic about the new iteration of Cap.

About that last part…. yeah. The Kickapoo people didn’t take kindly to their land being taken by Americans. So there’s that.

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