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I can forgive King Randor, Teela, and other Eternians for not noticing that Prince Adam looked exactly like He-Man. The Power of Grayskull, after all, gave Adam a George Hamilton tan and exposed nipples. But, of course, no one would ever expect the guy who wears pink and purple every day to be the Most Powerful Man In The Universe.
Prince Adam did know how to rock a pink vest and purple boots; I cannot lie. That’s why I am glad Iron Studios is producing a statue of the man who can call on fabulous secret powers.
Adam’s statue stands at 15″ tall, 7.4″ wide, and 4.3″ deep. However, you won’t have to fork out a princely sum to own the future ruler of Eternia. He’ll only set you back $159.99. Prince Adam will be arriving on Earth around the fourth quarter of 2022. He can be pre-ordered here now.

Iron Studios
Iron Studios
Iron Studios
If there were something I could change about this statue would be the color of the terrain Adam is standing on. It should be Castle Grayskull green. That particular shade of green has become a staple in Masters of the Universe merchandise, and it should be presented here as Adam calls upon the Power.

At least Kevin Smith doesn’t have a say in the toys Mattel and other companies have been making over the past couple of years. If he had his way, the collectibles would subvert our expectations by arriving broken, burning, or covered in feces.
I think the bright color choices from the Filmation series made MotU appealing in the long run. Adam’s outlandish outfit makes his alter ego even more macho by comparison. That’s why I usually wear bright pink socks at work only to sport a one-piece spandex suit while I work out in the gym. The ladies love it. So masculine!
Let us know what you think about Adam and his new statue in the comments section below.
[Source: Iron Studios]

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