NECA Adds Three New Xenomorphs to the ‘Aliens VS Predator’ Line

NECA is adding more xenomorphs to the line based on Capcom’s 1994 arcade beat-em-up Aliens VS Predator. This trio of xenomorph monstrosities includes the Arachnoid Alien, Chrysalis Alien, and Razor Claws Alien. The three new Aliens are sold separately and should be priced at around $29.
Considering the arcade game comprised several levels and around 60 minutes worth of gameplay, it couldn’t all be Warrior and newborn Aliens. So Capcom got creative, similar to what Kenner did with the Aliens toyline.
The three new figures will be hitting store shelves this October. You can probably find them at Target. That is where I’ve had the most luck picking these up. If you’re trying to pick up Dutch and Linn from this line, you’re going to have to hit up eBay or a convention.


The classic 1994 arcade game Aliens vs Predator predates the AVP movie, but what if….? NECA presents the mashup you’ve been dying to see! The unique Alien adversaries seen in the video game get the movie treatment, with new deco imagining their look had they been included in the subsequent movie. The figures use the super-poseable Ultimate body, with over 30 points of articulation and bendable tail. Approximately 9″ tall. Window box packaging.

In my teens, I only ever found the Aliens VS Predator arcade cabinet one time. It quickly drained me of $5 in quarters, and I never got to finish it. That was until I got a Pandora Box. Check out our playthrough here. The game centers around Dutch from Predator teaming up with Lt. Linn Kurosawa to take on a xenomorph infestation. The duo is joined by a band of Yautjas who are looking to hunt the creatures.
What are your thoughts on the classic Capcom arcade game? What about the AVP live-action films? Worthy additions to the lore of the two franchises or cheap cash-ins? Let us know in the comments section.
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