G4TV Stopped Playing: G4 Website Signals End of Network, $25 Million Studio Up for Lease

Even in death, G4TV can’t avoid controversy. The now defunct reimagining of the classic gaming video game network posted one final image on its website that read “We stopped playing.”

This is in reference to its tagline as they were getting ready to relaunch — “We never stopped playing.”

But oh, they most certainly have. Comcast suddenly shut the money-bleeding operation down last week, laying off the remaining staff after months of controversy and abysmal viewership.

This is how G4TV 2.0 started…

This is how G4TV 2.0 is going…

Apparently, whoever is left at G4 realized the mistake and changed the imaged to read “We never stopped playing.”

Comcast has made short work of the carcass of G4TV. Within a few days of the shutdown, the cable giant has already put the $25 million, 60,000 sq. ft. Burbank studio up for sublease.

At least one of the spaces marketed for sublease appears to be related to layoffs. Comcast earlier this month shut down its Burbank-based video game TV network G4, according to Deadline. Roughly $25 million had been invested into the livestream and broadcast studio space, according to a marketing flier. Comcast launched the channel in late fall 2021.

Yes, they spent $25 million to create a space that looks like a basement man cave.

With reckless spending like that, is it any wonder they folded as quickly as they did?

This likely isn’t game over just yet for the G4TV story. Once ex-employee NDAs are up, it’s likely that we’ll get a better picture of what actually went down behind the scenes.

G4TV’s $25 million ‘man cave’ studio in Burbank is being subleased by Comcast. (Image: CoStar)
[Source: Twitter]
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