New Wave Toys Is Looking For Pro Berzerk & Frenzy Players!

New Wave Toys Berzerk & Frenzy
Photo Credit: New Wave Toys

Earlier this month, we covered the latest New Wave Toys 1:6 scale arcade cabinets of Berzerk and Frenzy. The classic Stern games were getting the usual treatment but with a few added upgrades, such as PCB replicas. We thought this would be the standard NWT release, but then an e-mail showed up that contained an exciting offer.

New Wave Toys wants to employ Berzerk and Frenzy players. Not just any players. Pro players. The best of the best. If you love these two arcade classics, then the Replicade maker wants to bring you on to make sure the upcoming cabinets are as perfect as possible:

We’re looking for the ultimate Berzerk & Frenzy fanatic/expert to playtest & help us make our upcoming Berzerk/Frenzy x RepliCade cabs outstanding!

Photo Credit: New Wave Toys
  • Use your expert playing skills & deep familiarity with the original arcade machines to playtest our Berzerk/Frenzy x RepliCade pre-production prototypes thru mass production
  • Report any hardware or software issues & work directly with our development team on debugging

Will there be money involved? Absolutely! New Wave Toys will compensate the playtesters with an hourly rate and other perks:

  • Hourly rate based on experience
  • Your name immortalized in the Berzerk & Frenzy manuals
  • Complimentary set of cabs
  • Discounts on purchases

If you’re one of those few retro gamers out there who have mastered the two Stern Electronics classics, then reach out to New Wave Toys at this e-mail address:

It’s been a few decades since I last saw either of these cabinets in an arcade, but I’m sure several retro gamers have dedicated years to playing each. This is the kind of gig we used to dream of in the ’80s and ’90s!

Are you a Berzerk or Frenzy master? Would you be willing to be paid to make sure the upcoming Replicade cabinets are as authentic as possible? Let us know in the comments section below!

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