‘Vermeil in Gold’ Conjures Up An English Dub

‘Vermeil in Gold’ is a romantic comedy manga based in a magical realm. It is written by Kōta Amana, illustrated by Yōko Umezu, and published by Square Enix. It was picked up as an anime produced by the Japanese animation studio Staple Entertainment and directed by Takashi Naoya. Sentai Filmworks announced that they would be dubbing the first season in English.

The HiDive streaming service revealed the voice cast on their website:

  • Alto – Mike Haimoto
  • Vermeil – Monica Rial
  • Lilia Kira – Vincent Davis
  • Summon Teacher – Jay Hickman
  • Obsidian – Adam Gibbs
  • Narrator – John Swasey
  • Cheryl – Annie Wild
  • Bro – Greg Ayres
  • Headmaster – John Swasey
  • Rex – Brandon Hearnsberger
  • Marx – Joe Daniel
  • Francoise – Brenda Palestina
  • Chris – Olivia Swasey
  • Jessica – Kara Greenberg
  • Ryuga – Jeremy Gee
  • Emma – Dominique Meyer

John Swasey works on the project as the ADR Director with Marta Bechtol handling the script.

You can watch the trailer below:

The full title for the series is ‘Vermeil in Gold: The Failing Student and the Strongest Scourge Plunge Into the World of Magic.’

MyAnimeList follows the synopsis as follows,

“Alto Goldfilled, a diligent student at the Ortigia Academy of Magic, aspires to become a powerful sorcerer. But he is unable to become one as, despite his excellent grades and strong commitment to his studies, he fails his summoning class. With the threat of repeating a year hanging over his head, Alto tries following an old, worn-out grimoire in a desperate attempt to resolve his situation.

To his surprise, he succeeds and summons a powerful demon named Vermeil. As a sign of gratitude for releasing her, Vermeil agrees to become Alto’s familiar, sealing their relationship with a deep kiss. Little does Alto know what else he is capable of and what Vermeil’s past hides.”

The first season consists of twelve episodes. As of the writing of this article, a second season has not been announced.

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