LEGO’s New Video Game Console Set Is The Atari 2600

The retro video game scene may be on a downward slide, but the collectibles market these decades-old machines spawned is still going strong. Not long ago, we saw Nintendo’s Entertainment System get the LEGO brick treatment. Now, the most important home console in gaming history is joining the NES.

The Atari 2600 will soon arrive in stores via a 2,532 brick set from LEGO. The company famous for its interlocking brick system has chosen the classic black and wood-paneled version of the Atari console to replicate, along with three well-known cartridges and the iconic joystick. Like many other niche sets, OK, any LEGO set, the Atari 2600 isn’t on the inexpensive side. Expect to pay $239.99+ for this latest addition to the ICONS line. That price includes the console, three carts double as dioramas, a cart shelf, a joystick with cord, and a small Minifig diorama. I can’t wait to see modders turn this into a functioning 2600.

The LEGO 2600 will ship out starting on August 1st. While it may not be as feature-driven as the NES kit, this one is a bit more eye-appealing, and you don’t have to assemble a LEGO TV.


The “system” will come with the following features:

  • Front panel mimics the console with functioning switches.
  • Relive the thrill of Asteroids™, Adventure, and Centipede™.
  • Build 3D vignettes for each of three classic ATARI® games.
  • Each game has a matching cartridge inspired by the original.
  • Brick-built ATARI® joystick moves and feels like the original.
  • Store the games in a cool 1980s-style cartridge holder.

The Atari 2600 was a “Video Computer System” launched by Atari, Inc. in 1977. Although it was not the first home video game console, it had the most significant impact on the market then. Development and publishing of 2600 games continued into the ’90s, and today new titles are still being made for both the physical console and emulators.
Did you own one of the various versions of the 2600? What were your favorite titles? Let us know below.

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