Funimation Announces English Dub For ‘2.43 Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team’

Produced by the Japanese animation company David Production and directed by Yasuhiro Kimura, ‘2.43 Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team’ is an adaption of the light novels written by Yukako Kabei and illustrated by Aiji Yamakawa. The series was launched in January 2021 with Funimation announcing that they have acquired the rights to produce and stream an English dub of the show.
“This team is ready to serve. We’re excited to announce that the 2.43 Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team English dub is officially on its way to Funimation, and we’ve got details on the series cast and crew,” they wrote on their blog. “…all 12 episodes of the 2.43 Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Team English dub will arrive on Funimation, which means your next sports anime obsession is about to begin (or begin again!).”
They continued, “The English cast of the series includes voice actors Bryson Baugus (Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya) as Yuni Kuroba, Zach Aguilar (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) as Kimichika Haijima, and Sarah Williams (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) as Itoko Kuroba.”
The rest of the cast includes Ricco Fajardo, Khoi Dao, Clifford Chapin, Tyson Rinehart, Stephen Fu, Matt Shipman, Aaron Dismuke, Howard Wang, Alejandro Saab, and others.
You can watch the trailer below:

Here is the synopsis as described by MyAnimeList:
“Genius setter Kimichika Haijima moves back to Fukui from Tokyo after an incident within his school’s volleyball team forces him out. There, he is reunited with his childhood friend, Yuni Kuroba, a member of the Monshiro Middle School Boys’ Volleyball Team, who is unaware of his own talents. Haijima notices Kuroba’s abilities and is determined to form a new volleyball team with Kuroba as the team’s ace. At the prefectural tournament, Kuroba crumbles under the pressure, which causes the Monshiro team to fall apart after losing. The loss also creates a rift between Haijima and Kuroba, leading the former to quit the team.
Now, as students at Seiin High School, Haijima and Kuroba find themselves on the same volleyball team once again. Having learned from his past mistakes, Haijima helps Kuroba overcome his performance anxiety to become the ace and carry the team to the prefectural championship. With support from team captain Shinichirou Oda and vice captain Misao Aoki, Seiin aim to win the prefecturals and become Fukui’s representatives at the Spring Tournament. To do this, they will need to beat Fukuho Technical High School, the reigning champions of Fukui. Will Haijima’s team defeat the odds, or are they doomed to repeat his history of losing?”

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