Hasbro’s Ghostbusters Proton Packs To Start Shipping Monday!

If you have a FedEx account and backed HasLab’s Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Proton Pack, odds are you received an e-mail this week saying the replica would be shipping out soon. FedEx is expected to pick up the Proton Packs from Hasbro’s California depot starting Monday, January 9th! This news comes just weeks after word dropped that the crowdfunded toy would arrive ahead of schedule!

For those without a FedEx login, getting one just by signing up and adding your shipping details is easy. The company does a pretty good job of letting you know something’s on the way, but not always. This was one of the few times FedEx sent me something, but I didn’t get an e-mail alert.

Thanks to Ghostbusters News spreading the word that the replicas were coming, I logged in, and sure enough, the info was right at the top of my list. Now, there is something important that everyone expecting the Pack to know: a signature is required for delivery. You can’t pre-sign for it via FedEx’s website. You need to be there in person.

Sadly, FedEx’s delivery windows aren’t as tight as Amazon’s. So if your shipment is arriving on a weekday, you may want to tell FedEx to hold the box at one of their local pickup spots. These places may be a FedEx store or Walgreens. It could delay the arrival by 24 hours, just so you’re aware.

Backers in the UK and Europe have received theirs since December. Based on the videos uploaded to YouTube, the Pack looks fantastic, but we noticed a few issues. When the prototype pack was shown off on Adam Savage’s YouTube channel, it was noticeable that some parts could be removed to create a 1984-styled Proton Pack. Specifically, we’re looking at the wiring connected to the base of the Clippard valve. In the video, we can see that this Afterlife add-on was removable, but in customer videos, we know that it’s now a solid piece that will require cutting the “copper” wires from the Pack. Unfortunate.

Another presented problem was that all the stickers were on the Pack. Within the box are additional clean 1984-style stickers, but those will need to be placed on top of the existing ones unless you want to take a lot of time and delicately remove the existing ones.

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