DC Comics Announces ‘Barkham Asylum’ Graphic Novel For Kids

Ever wonder about the pets of Batman’s greatest enemies? Now is your chance to find out more about them. DC Comics has announced that they are publishing ‘Barkham Asylum,” a young readers’ graphic novel about the various pets belonging to the inmates of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison.

“Don’t make these pets paw for your attention! The mischievous pets of Gotham’s Super-Villains are uniting for an escape adventure in the new DC middle-grade graphic novel Barkham Asylum, created by writer and artist Yehudi Mercado (Shazam! Thundercrack), available wherever books are sold on February 6, 2024,” DC said on their website.

“When the Super-Villains of Gotham get thrown into Arkham Asylum, their henchpets go to the maximum-security pound known as Barkham Asylum,” they continued. “Fur flies when Jester, The Joker’s dog, gets a tough-talking stray cat named Penny tossed into lockup with him. But they’ll have to work together to figure out what the evil Dr. Hugo Mange is up to. And the only way to stop this terrifying team-up is to win the talent show and get visitation with their masters at Arkham on the hill. Because the Joker is sure to help! What could go wrong with that plan?”

The comic book will be aimed at elementary and middle school students where they can read about the various pets who suspiciously resemble their owners.

Writer and artist Yehudi Mercado explained, “When crafting this graphic novel, I pulled some inspiration from my own experience growing up.”

He added, “I was a class clown in school and as a result of that, I spent a lot of time in detention. So I can kind of relate to the lead dog, Jester, in my own way. All Jester wants is to make people laugh, so in his mind, his master isn’t such a bad guy. Locked up with him is an innocent stray cat named Penny, a loner who rejects Jester’s request to join his pack. But if they’re going to get out of this mess, they will have to team up. And if a stray cat and The Joker’s dog can get along, then maybe there’s hope for all of us!”

DC Comics often explores the furry side of their universe.

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