Mondo Resurrects Batman’s Phantasm In 1/6 Scale!

Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series introduced two great original female characters into the DC Universe but only achieved wide mainstream appeal. Move over, Harley, because The Phantasm is finally getting some love, thanks to Mondo.

The Avenging Angel of Death is getting the 1:6 scale action figure treatment. This figure is big and expensive, like Batman and the Joker from last year. The Phantasm will cost you $210, but you had better act fast.

The Timed Edition of the Phantasm is only on sale from now until September 25th. Orders are limited to only (2) figures per person and address.

This sadly underused character from Batman: Mask of the Phantasm made only one other appearance in Bruce Timm’s DCAU. She did, however, show up in the Batman Beyond 2.0 comics. Hopefully, the animated feature’s 4K Ultra HD release will rekindle people’s interest in Andrea and this badass character design.

Released after the surprising success of B:TAS Season 1, the cult classic 1993 movie introduced one of our favorite DC characters ever … Andrea Beaumont (aka The Phantasm). Available for only six days, our Timed Edition includes exclusive extras like the smoke base attachment and swappable Andrea torso!

Andrea’s vigilante alter-ego comes with the following:

  • Swappable Hood 1
  • Swappable Hood 2*
  • Swappable Andrea Torso*
  • Swappable Attack Blade & Acid Attack Blade
  • Swappable Hands:
    • Left Phantasm Fist
    • Left Aggressive Hand
    • Left Neutral
    • Smoke Attack Left Hand
    • Left Andrea Fist, Right Andrea Fist*
  • Smoke Base figure stand attachment*
  • Bat Symbol figure stand

The two four (*) accessories are exclusive to the “Timed Edition” version of the Phantasm.

What do you think of the Phantasm? Should she be introduced into more DCEU media? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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