Harley Quinn Joins Mondo’s Batman: The Animated Series 1:6 Scale Figures

Mondo‘s next 1:6 scale action figure has been announced, and it’s Harley Quinn! No, not the modern Harley, but the classic original from Batman: The Animated Series. Relive the days when DC wasn’t plastering Harley Quinn all over the place with this 12″ tall action figure.

Several of the accessories are based on the episode Harley’s Holiday. It was the 16th episode of Batman: The Animated Series‘ second season. It aired on October 15th, 1994.

In the episode, Harley Quinn is declared sane and released from Arkham Asylum. Unfortunately, Harley is driven back into her criminal behavior through a series of unfortunate events. However, we all know that society is to blame!

If Mondo wanted to make even more money, it would produce another Harley Quinn figure in her street clothing, complete with roller skates.

Harley Quinn may be preordered until May 16th. The expected ship date is September 2023.

Harley Quinn’s Timed Edition figure will come with the following:

  • Smiling Portrait
  • Smirking Portrait
  • Angry Portrait
  • Cheerful Portrait
  • Maskless Portrait
  • Hammer
  • Bud
  • Lou
  • Slab of Meat
  • Bowl
  • Bone
  • Batcuffs
  • Batman Belt
  • Mannequin arm
  • Purse
  • Sane Certificate Accessory
  • Joker Scepter
  • Poison Perfume Bottle
  • 5 sets of hands

The previously released figures, Batman & Joker, are still available. Those figures are based on the first two seasons of the cartoon, meaning they’re more detailed than the future streamlined, less expensive redesigns.

What do you think about Mondo’s various 12″ tall He-Man, X-MEN, and Batman action figures? Should DC Comics stop trying to rely on the character in all its media? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Mondo]

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