Hasbro has gotten hella weird.

In 1986, Transformers were literally killing each other while a heavy metal soundtrack blared in the background.

In 2023, Transformers are having a heart-to-heart with children about respecting pronouns.

Speaking of pronouns, a Hasbro rep required that middle-aged adult men give their pronouns before being able to ask a question about G.I. Joe figures at a convention.

Hasbro claims that they dropped the plastic from their packaging to help the environment, but they’ve seemingly been caught dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of unopened Magic the Gathering cards into a landfill.

Hasbro claimed that “collectors will love” the plastic-free packaging, but it’s also lead to a litany of complaints about a lack of quality control from the collecting community.

Dungeons & Dragons has seen a resurgence in popularity due in part to Stranger Things and the character of Eddie Munson.

But according to some at Wizards of the Coast, guys that look like Eddie Munson can’t leave the hobby fast enough.

Speaking of WotC, they’ve beaten the “inclusive community” drum for the better part of a decade. They’ve bent over backward to appease the new breed of Dungeons & Dragons players who probably think Eddie Munson was a racist.

And then Hasbro stabbed that same community in the back with their draconian OGL 1.1 plans.

Remember when they wanted to drop the “Mister” from Potato Head, and then promptly walked it back after severe backlash?

Remember that ex-Hasbro employee who said that the company was actively trying to indoctrinate kids into “wokeness,” and was terminated for doing so?

Remember how Hasbro saw its revenue drop off a cliff and had to lay off 15% of its workforce?

Maybe it’s all interconnected. Maybe it’s not.

But my armchair observation is that Hasbro has gotten hella weird.

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