Hasbro Accused of ‘Indoctrinating’ Children with Critical Race Theory Employee Training Program

The world’s largest toy company, Hasbro, is being accused of ‘indoctrinating’ workers with CRT (Critical Race Theory) according to a company employee.

Hasbro is the manufacturer of such beloved brands as My Little Pony, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mr. Potato Head and so many more. They’re also the current manufacturer of most Disney, Marvel and Star Wars toys.

David Johnson, a Hasbro packaging engineer, talked to Project Veritas on video about Hasbro’s hyper-focus on race when it comes to employee training materials current year.

“My name is David Johnson. I’m a packaging engineer for Hasbro. They are attempting to covertly push CRT, critical race theory, through branding and messaging through their products,” Johnson says in the interview. “This is the program developed by ‘The Conscious Kid‘, which is working with Hasbro to teach children about racial bias at an early age.

The non-profit organization’s program allegedly attempts to explain how racial bias is formed by children at an early age, and, according to Johnson, posits that toddlers are just as bigoted as adults.

The Conscious Kid, as it turns out, is an organization run by the husband and wife team of Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens. If they sound somewhat familiar, it’s because these two made waves by slamming Dr. Seuss with a paper called “The Cat is Out of the Bag.”

That paper led to a modern-day book banning, with some Dr. Seuss books being pulled from sales channels and libraries all over the country.

Ishizuka was railing against Dr. Seuss years before that, claiming The Cat in the Hat was a racist caricature… and seemingly using the media attention to push The Conscious Kid Social Justice Library.

(Think Loot Crate, but with social justice kids’ books. Or something.)

While the duo are celebrated in some literary and academic circles now, it wasn’t too long ago that Ishizuka and Stephens launched a failed crowdfunding campaign for their organization back in 2016. It managed to raise just over $3,400.

Apparently business has picked up since then, as Hasbro executives have decided that these two are somehow the most qualified people in the world to help spearhead the international toy company’s diversity and inclusion training.

Johnson, a Black man, said that coming forward isn’t something he wanted to do, and he understands it will likely cost him his job.

“This isn’t something I want to do; this is something I felt I had to do. This is a hill worth dying on,” explains Johnson. “I’ve seen this ideology a lot over the past seven years. To have it so in-my-face at my place of work was just astounding to me.”

“To just state categorically that, at five years old, your children are as racist as the adults – which is implying that the parents are also racist in some manner – I just think it’s absurd.”

Hasbro isn’t the first major corporation to suffer blowback from employees for pushing ‘wokeness’ in a post George Floyd world.

Coca-Cola was blasted by employees for a using a training program developed by White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo. Not long after, Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow program was leaked, and it effectively asked employees to check their own privilege via a questionnaire.

The latter is highly hypocritical, considering that Disney is catering more and more to the rich with each passing year.

Both attempts by these corporations to “lecture” their employees ended in massive PR failure, and both companies wound up walking back the programs.

Well, maybe now we have some idea as to why Cobra Commander can’t wear a hood in current year, why the next My Little Pony series seems to focus heavily on race relations, and why Hasbro-owned Wizards of the Coast is focusing so much on race in Dungeons & Dragons.

This still doesn’t explain the gender neutral Mr. Potato Heads, but maybe another Hasbro employee will dish on that fiasco in due time.

[Source: YouTube]
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