Soldier Boy’s Shield Teased For ‘The Boys’ Season 3

Satirizing and twisting well-known comic book heroes can be done well in certain hands. On paper, it’s easy to pull off. Adapting that to a movie or show takes real skill. So far, The Boys has been banger after banger. I will admit, however, that some of the “current year” topical stuff in the second season was a tad groan-inducing. I chalk that up to us not being able to escape politics and social topics thanks to social media.
I am looking forward to seeing how Homelander contends to a character who may have better-established roots as a superhero than he does. Remember, Homelander’s ego and personal life took a huge blow in the latter part of season two. How will he recover if another hero comes and steals his PR power?
That character may be Soldier Boy. Jensen Ackles, who is also voicing Bruce/Batman in the adaptation of Batman: The Long Halloween, dropped a teaser of his character’s shield. Check it out below:

Will we see more of the character soon? Maybe.

From the way the character has been mentioned in the show before, this version may be much different than his comic book counterpart. Much like Stormfront, expect Soldier Boy to be revamped a bit. It would be funny to see Soldier Boy ultimately turn out to be a coward, leaving Homelander to clean up his mess.
Soldier Boy is this show’s version of Captain America, much like how Homelander is a twisted and immoral version of Superman. Expect there to be a lot of heroic speeches followed up with backroom debauchery. Stories have floated about that a certain scene between the two won’t happen as it did in the comics, but knowing the show, the writers will find something equally offensive to take its place.
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What are your predictions for the third season? Will Homelander finally go full-on psycho like in the comics? Let us know in the comments.

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