Playmates Revival Of The ‘Star Trek’ Toyline Has Officially Been Revealed!


Playmates Toys is once again in control of the Star Trek license! Years after the company produced its last batch of figures based on nearly every Federation captain and ancillary character; things are going back to business as usual. announced the first batch of figures, roleplaying items, and vehicles for the relaunched toyline. Much like the old days, the high points and low points of Star Trek will be included.

Khan Noonien Singh, Admiral James T. Kirk, and Captain Spock, as they appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, will be the first versions of the Original Series characters to join the toyline.
Bearded Commander Riker, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and Luetenant Data are the first trio from the Next Generation. Next, the crew of the Enterprise D will arrive donning their Third Season uniforms.
A Playmates line wouldn’t be complete without some roleplaying items. The original toyline gave us everything from phasers to medical tricorders. The relaunch is going straight for the original series’s phaser. The Starfleet weapon will have lights and sounds, but it is not clear if this replica is modular.
Ah, the Enterprise NCC-1701! No refit, just the classic gray ship that boldly went where no one had gone before. This vehicle is stated to be 18″ scale, so I guess they mean 18″ from front to back. Lights, sounds, and quotes from TOS are listed as the play features.
Well, I can’t avoid it. Playmates will also be making two characters from STD: Commander Saru and Michael “Crying Game” Burnham. Star Trek Discovery is what an “edgy” parody of what Star Trek would be like if Michael Bay directed the franchise. Odd that only two characters have made the cut so far. This could be because the amount of plastic needed to make Tilly would strain the production costs.
What do you think of the revival of Playmates’ long-running Star Trek action figure line? Are the changes to the classic body styles a good thing, or would you prefer them more blocky? Let us know in the comments section below.
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