‘Star Trek Regeneration’ Sees A Familiar Face Visiting Kirk’s Grave

The Roddenberry Archive is a project recreating iconic scenes, locations, and ships of Star Trek. In the ongoing journey to preserve Gene Roddenberry’s creations, OTOY has created amazingly detailed CGI works of art. One of the most recent examples takes us back to the first Star Trek: The Next Generation movie.

The video, titled 765874 – Regeneration, sees a Star Fleet recovery team on Veridian III preparing to lift the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D’s crashed saucer section from the planet. In the distance, atop the rocky mountain area where Captains James Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard stopped Dr. Tolian Soran, a cloaked figure recovers Kirk’s Star Fleet insignia.

The mysterious person turns, lowers their hood, and it is revealed to be Spock. Looking like he stepped right out of the mid-1990s; the CGI used to recreate him is mindblowing. The scene then cuts back to an even younger Spock from The Original Series. Finally, the scene fades to black, with the number 765874 appearing on the screen.

Could this be a teaser for James T. Kirk’s resurrection in some future Star Trek Paramount+ show? Possibly. In the last season of Picard, we discover Kirk’s body has been recovered and may be in stasis. If the NuTrek could do anything to redeem itself more, it would be to give the U.S.S. Enterprise captain a better send-off than what we got in Star Trek: Generations:

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I checked out the Archive, and it was interesting to see the various detailed bridges. However, I would like to see the 1701-D project resurrected. This fan-made interactive experience would have allowed users to explore a huge chunk of the Star Trek freely: The Next Generation ship.

Should Kirk come back? Would trying to draw out Kirk’s presence in the original timeline be a mistake? Let us know what you think.

[Source: OTOY]

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