New Characters, Playset, and Vehicle Revealed McFarlane’s Batman ’66

The roster of villains in McFarlane Toys’ Batman 1966 toyline is continuing to grow! With so many rogues and variations of those characters, thanks to different acting taking up the role, the toyline has no shortage of potential for re-releases of the same baddies.
We learned today from that we’re finally getting Mr. Freeze, as played by Otto Preminger; the Julie Newmar version of Catwoman is also on the way. The only difference between this one and the previously-released Eartha Kitt figure is the head. A couple of recolors are coming, too. In addition, black and white versions of The Joker and Batman will hit with this wave. Each figure is priced at $17.99.
There’s also a new playset and vehicle on the way. The Villains’ Lair lets you set up a diorama for the Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, and Joker. It’s not a very exciting playset, but it matches the Villains United set and has a lot of tiny details. The playset will go for $29.99.
If you’re tired of the Batmobile and want a new way for Batman and Robin to get around, pick up the Batcycle! Like in the series, the sidecar does detach. Like other items in this toyline, the vehicle is affordable, coming in at only $29.99.

McFarlane Toys

Chill! During an altercation in his secret laboratory, Dr. Art Schivel was covered in an experimental chemical he had created. The chemicals bonded to his body, and suddenly his metabolism was reversed, and outside fifty degrees below zero could not survive. He created and wore a special suit that kept his body constantly at a freezing temperature and his lair was always Arctic in temperature. From then on, he referred to himself as Mr. Freeze. He vowed revenge on Batman and all of Gotham to suffer and freeze like he did. That is the way the ice cube crumbles!

McFarlane Toys

Along with Batman’s many gadgets and gizmos that help him and the Boy Wonder fight crime, one stands prevalent alongside the Batmobile to help our heroes get around. That is the Batcycle. Holy Ravioli! Trickled out with bat icons, and a sidecar for Robin, this handy vehicle allows the dynamic duo to get in and out places in a flash!

McFarlane Toys
McFarlane Toys
McFarlane Toys

“Tucked near the ocean, lies the secret lair of United Underworld. A haven for some of the most sinister villains, who stop squabbling long enough to try to defeat Batman. A section carved out for each prominent member, all sorts of dastardly gadgets, and images of their own evilness adorned on the wall, you would think some of the evilest minds could finally defeat Batman. You would think.”

What do you think of the new additions? Let us know below.
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