DOOM Eternal’s Cacodemon Statue Is Now Up For Pre-Order

The floating, lightning-belching beast from the depths of Hell is ready to sit atop your shelf or if you’re like me, office desk. Nothing makes people not want to bother you at work, like lining your entire office with statues of satanic beings.
Bethesda Gear has announced that it is currently taking pre-orders for the Cacodemon. This version is the one seen in DOOM Eternal. The creature itself is totally static, with no moving parts. However, it does sit on a clear piece of plastic. So, at least it looks like it’s floating.
The Cacodemon is priced at $135 and will be released in June of this year. This is a limited run, with only 1,200 being made.


The demon’s body features translucent washes, protruding veins, a host of spikes and smatterings of red on the skin. There’s a discernible difference between the rendering of the tough hide and the soft flesh. This lifelike and realistic look is achieved because of the level of detail Polyresin allows and is further enhanced by a semi-gloss finish.
The Cacodemon’s face is also finely-rendered, with highly-detailed features like teeth big and small. The touch of green in the eye and blue inside the mouth offer a contrast to the mostly red color palette and portrays the moment right before the demon launches its signature lightning attack.

Remember when DOOM Eternal caused such a stir because some in-game propaganda tried to humanize the invading armies from Hell? I thought it was a great touch because there’s no doubt that a colossal corporation similar to U.A.C. would try such a stunt to lower our guard. And, like every other “controversy,” it was ignored, and the game went on to be just as badass as we’d all hoped.
Although only 1,200 of these Cacodemon statues are being made, it’s not made apparent how many are left for pre-order. The previously released Archvile statue is still in stock. So, there may be no need to rush out to get this if your wallet’s tight.
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