Retro-Inspired Skeletor and Beastman latex Masks Are Here!

If you’ve been looking for just the right costume accessory that will allow you to dress up as Mattel’s original Masters of the Universe toys, then NECA and have you covered. You’re given a choice of two evils: will you be Beastman or Skeletor?

The masks recreate the bright and bold colors of the 1980s action figures, right down to the lavender paint behind Skeletor’s burning red eyes. Mark Enright is the creator behind these costume accessories, the same guy who has made several other retro-styled masks at Mortar Heads.

The latex masks are “one size fits most,” and each is priced at $49.99. Unfortunately, these masks are limited to only 500 pieces each, and they won’t be arriving until December. Too late for Halloween but just in time for a New Year’s Eve fetish party? You know there are MotU-themed Eyes Wide Shut parties.

Introducing a new line of powerfully cool Masters of the Universe sculpted latex masks from NECA! These full head pullover masks are based on the classic 80s toy appearances and celebrate 40 years of MOTU NECA is kicking off the line with special limited edition Studio Signature Editions. This detailed Beastman mask is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from sculptor Mark Enright of Mortar Head Studios. Great for costuming or for display in your home. One size fits most.

One of my concerns when it comes to latex masks is how well they hold their shape during shipping. Sometimes they show up in plastic bags, flattened, and getting them back into the correct form is a pain. Hopefully, these things get shipped with some sort of packing inside the mask.

What do you think of Beastman and Skeletor here? Worth the $49? Let us know in the comments section below.


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