WETA Workshop’s ‘Labyrinth’ Statue is $1,199, Bowie Bulge Included

Everything he has done, he’s done for you. Sarah was so ungrateful for everything Gareth, the Goblin King, had manifested for her. She didn’t want to deal with her baby brother; Gareth took him away. She wanted to feel special, and he threw her a trippy masquerade party. How did she repay him? She stormed his city and broke his balls.
Bowie’s bulge is on display here, and he’s also fondling his glass ball. Sarah and Toby also look like they’re a bit concerned that his magical fellow has easy access to the bedrooms of minors. WETA knows precisely what we like when it comes to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. Well, except for the $1,190 price tag.
This 1/6th scale statue won’t be shipping out until the first quarter of 2023. So, you’ll have time to put that money aside. But unfortunately, this tribute to one of the best fantasy films of the 1980s is limited to only 500 pieces.


With just 5 minutes left, Sarah is closer to retrieving Toby than she’s ever been before. Chasing after the absent Goblin King, she climbs a flight of stairs only to find herself trapped in an Escher-like maze, where up and down have no consequence or bearing. The Goblin King, Jareth, traverses the intertwining stairways without restraint, defying gravity itself as he taunts and beguiles our desperate heroine, pointing out the location of the child beyond her grasp. No matter where she goes or what direction she takes, Toby is always just out of reach, and time continues to run thin within this illusionary maze.

  • 1:6 scale, Limited Edition of 500;
  • Portrays the Goblin King Jareth, Sarah Williams, and her baby brother Toby;
  • Physically sculpted by Wētā Workshop sculptor Jane Wenley;
  • Back panel sculpted with a 3D bas relief, creating the signature illusionary maze;
  • Baby Toby can be displayed upright, or defy gravity upside down;
  • Made from high-quality polystone.
[Source: WETA Workshop]

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