The Mechanical Steed Stridor Joins Masters of the Universe Origins

The heroic armored war horse, Stridor, is the latest figure/vehicle to make its way into Mattel’s revived Masters of the Universe toyline. Based on the classic figure from the 1980s, Stridor is ready to usher the heroes of Eternia into battle against Skeletor or the Evil Horde.
Like the Wind Raider and Sky Sled, Stridor retains many of his retro stylings while being updated with blast effects and a posing base. The Origins line of vehicles maintains the right amount of sturdiness while making some of the more delicate pieces flexible enough to withstand playtime, unlike their 1980s counterparts. Stridor appears to be no different.
The mechanical steed should be in stores this month, but if you’re having trouble finding him, head on over to the Big Bad Toy Store and scoop up the toy for $35.99.

  • Standing 7 in tall and 10.5 in long, Stridor™ figure features 19 points of articulation for extreme poses during action storytelling or epic display — use joints in the legs, neck, tail, and mouth!
  • The robot horse features 2 launchers for the 3 included plasma blasters to help take down the enemy!
  • A helmet and bridle with real rope prepare the figure for battle with He-Man™ and the Heroic Warriors!
  • A stand can make poses even more dynamic — connect it to the Masters of the Universe™ Castle Grayskull™ playset (sold separately) for larger display!

I hope the rumors that Origins has been canceled are false. There are still so many classic vehicles and playsets to revisit. We need Snake Mountain (not the $500 one)! Where is the Dragon Walker?! What about an Attak Trak?! Come on!
My kid loves these toys. She had She-Ra run over all of Skeletor’s henchmen on Christmas Eve! It was a proud parenting moment.

What playsets and vehicles should Mattel revive next for the Origins line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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