Moon Knight Is Getting A New Comic Book From Marvel

Marvel Comics is rebooting the title series for Moon Knight, the superhero who is Marc Spector under the mask. This new series promises new villains, vampires, and an appearance from Vermin, a classic Spider-Man villain.
“In this chilling series debut by creators Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Steve McNiven, and Rachelle Rosenberg, the mysterious Mr. Knight has opened his Midnight Mission, protecting his parishioners from the weird and the horrible,” Marvel Unlimited explained. “The Moon Knight stalks the rooftops and alleys marked with his crescent moon tag, bringing violence to any who would harm his people. And Marc Spector, the host of these alternate identities, lives as a renegade priest of an unworthy god. But while the Egyptian moon god Khonshu languishes in a prison that Spector put him in, Moon Knight must still observe his duty: protecting those who travel at night. Let it be known—Moon Knight will keep Khonshu’s faith.”
Moon Knight is also getting a new base of operations from which he will execute his Midnight Mission and distribute justice. The “relationship” between Marc and Khonshu will be further explored, with a lot of sorting going on.
“For those who travel the streets at night, there are many foes that lurk in the dark. In the series debut, Moon Knight dissembles a pack of vampires that are forcibly-turning their victims to bolster their ranks. Spector’s assistant Reese was one such victim, but now she has new employment with an overnight shift,” they said. “After all, this is New York. Spider-Man fans will recognize Vermin, a “mad-science-guinea-pig” who has long menaced Peter Parker. At the request of a new client, Moon Knight investigates a building-wide disturbance of scratches and strange whispers. Too bad Moon Knight isn’t Spider-Man…”
The series will also introduce a new character named Dr. Badr, the “other fist of Khonshu” who also shares a loyalty to Khonshu.