LEGO To Release A Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Set

LEGO has announced that it will be diving into the world of Horizon Forbidden West to recreate the mechanical striding Tallneck. This new set aimed at adult collectors includes an Aloy mini-fig and a Watcher mech created out of bricks.
Based on the recently released Playstation title, the Tallneck will stand at 13.5″ tall when constructed. The base will measure 9″ by 6.5″. The entire model comprises 1,222 bricks and is meant for ages 18+.
LEGO isn’t currently taking pre-orders, but if you check back on May 1st, you should be able to pick it up there. The Tallneck is priced at $79.99.


Build the ultimate LEGO® brick model (76989) of the most iconic Horizon machine in the Forbidden West: the Tallneck. Use clever building techniques to capture authentic details of this Communications Class machine, from its smooth, disc-shaped head to its long, slim legs. Display the Tallneck on a stand with brick-built Horizon landscape details, including a birch tree and rusty stoplight. A new-for-May-2022 Aloy minifigure with weapons, plus a Watcher figure with a choice of blue, yellow, or red eyes, complete a striking centerpiece.

Although this set is based on the sequel, Aloy’s mini-fig lacks a headdress. In the game, which I’ve been playing since launch, there are several different pieces of headwear that the Champion of Meridian picks up along her travels to the West. So maybe there are a few alternatives in the box somewhere. LEGO is known to throw in little things like that on occasion.
And here’s a little preview of the game this LEGO set is based on!
Horizon Forbidden West is now available for both the PS4 and PS5. The game offers more of the same gameplay we saw in Zero Dawn, but it has been refined. The character models are well detailed, but some of the faces look like they fell out of Walt Disney’s rejected audio-animatronics storage bin.
Encounters with mechanical creatures feel more fluid now, but the camera will sometimes lead you to cheap deaths if you’re fighting too close to a large piece of geometry like a wall, cliffside, or man-made structure. On the other hand, exploration pays off with many crafting options, including weapon improvements, potions, meals, and armor upgrades. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting about the main story quest and kept wandering off to find critters to kill so I could craft a new quiver or ammo bag.
Honestly, even though I’ve only been playing since Friday, I’ve forgotten most of what the story is about or who I’ve met along the way. Basically, Aloy must go West to find a copy of an AI that will restart the terraforming project and stop a new plague that is forming. That’s the long and short of it so far. I skipped so many drawn-out conversations and just played for the fun of it. By the time I reach whatever the main baddy is, I’ll just be reenacting that Thanos VS Wanda meme.
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