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Judge Dredd’s greatest villains are finally getting the action figures they deserve, thanks to Hiya Toys. We’ve seen the Dark Judges, Judge Caligula, and now the scourge of the Cursed Earth: Mean Machine Angel. A product of the harsh environment of the irradiated Earth and the savage people who inhabit it, Mean Machine is part human, part machine, and various levels of danger. A dial on his forehead controls those levels; you never want to see it get to 4.

This newest edition to the Hiya Toys line of 2000 AD figures is due in January and priced at $19.99. He can be pre-ordered now through the Big Bad Toy Store. Mean Machine stands 4″ tall and comes with a Cursed Earth-inspired base. Sadly, he does not come with alternate parts for his mechanical right arm.

Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys

Unlike Marvel and DC comics, 2000 AD keeps a timeline that is always progressing without many unnecessary rewrites. So, Mean Machine has seen a number of life changes over his time in the comics. But, for better or worse, he had one hell of a run in the comic, with his ultimate fate being unknown.

If there’s one thing, and one thing only, that the 1995 Judge Dredd movie got right, it was Mean Machine. He may have had only a few minutes of screen time, but he was almost 100% like his 2000 AD original. So maybe if the Pete Travis version of Dredd gets a sequel, we’ll see Mean Machine and more of the Cursed Earth.

Now that several of the most commonly known MegaCity baddies are out of the way, who do you think will be next for toy form? The Judge Child? Rico? What do you think of Hiya Toys Judge Dredd action figures so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]
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