Halloween Kills Actor Anthony Michael Hall Discusses Playing A Legacy Horror Character

‘Halloween Kills’ is the next chapter in the rebooted franchise featuring Michael Myers, one of cinema’s most prolific horror villains. Armed with a sharp object, he haunts his family and their friends to slay anyone. This time, Myers is targeting survivors of his previous exploits.
One such character is Tommy Doyle, played by Anthony Michael Hall in ‘Halloween Kills.’ He is taking over the role from Brian Andrews, who portrayed Doyle in the original 1978 Halloween directed by John Carpenter.
Hall recently sat down with SyFy to discuss his take on the character and what it is like to join the Halloween franchise.
When asked how his version compares to other sequels to the franchise, he replied, “I did recently see the version that Paul Rudd did [in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers], and that was obviously a different time frame. So it’s a different universe for the franchise.”
Hall said, “I think what’s brilliant about what [Director] David Gordon Green and Scott [Teems] and Danny McBride did with the film is they were able to spin it. So they take the original and they reintroduce these characters in the sequel, but also the bigger plan is the trilogy. So it’s all unfolding. So I thought not just for Tommy, but for all the characters, I thought it was brilliant how they created space with these other characters. And it extends to not just the locals that we knew from ’78, but [new characters, too].”
“David does really cool things. It’s almost Felliniesque kind of stuff, you know? Where you can work with non-actors just like he can work with comedic or dramatic actors or what have you. I found him to be brilliant. He was so cool and so loose, and then also very collaborative throughout the whole process. The best idea can come from anywhere. He also had that spirit, which was really impressive. That kind of humility from someone who was that established is great,” he continued.
When asked what it was like to see Myers in his “full regalia,” Hall answered, “I don’t think I’m talking out of school here, I don’t want to break any confidentiality agreements I had, but basically he’s referred to as The Shape, which I think everybody knew, but I didn’t know that going in. So it wasn’t ever like ‘Myers’ on the call sheet. It was more of ‘The Shape.'”
‘Halloween Kills’ is set to be released on October 15, 2021 and will stream on Peacock. It is to be followed by ‘Halloween Ends’ which is planned for October 2022 release.

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