McFarlane Toys Renewed Its Global License With DC Comics

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It’s official. McFarlane Toys has renewed its global license with DC. After spending so many years under the Mattel banner, it was a shock to see Todd McFarlane get a crack at the DC Comics heroes and villains. It looks like Warner Bros. Discovery was happy with the results.

McFarlane Toys’ license with DC was announced initially in 2019. However, the agreement was expanded to include the DC Direct line in 2021, with the first figures from that long-running line officially debuting in 2022.

The output from Todd’s business has been very consistent, with new figures appearing regularly in stores, with an emphasis being Target. The big box retailer frequently gets exclusive figures, such as the Jokerized Batman we covered last week.

Depending on who you talk to, Mattel no longer being the primary producer of DC Comics figures wasn’t good. I’ll admit that I really liked the Barbie manufacturer’s figures, but McFarlane Toys did finally deliver an almost-to-scale relaunch of Kenner’s Super Powers line.

I cannot say much about McFarlane Toys DC products as a collector. In the 2000s, I was huge into the company’s Movie Maniacs and various original collectibles. Yes, I even had the entire series of The Twisted Land of Oz figures, including the 12″ tall Dorothy. Ya know … for science or whatever the excuse I use when someone questions why I needed a BDSM Dorothy figure.

However, McFarlane Toys’ more mainstream offerings following Mattel losing the DC license didn’t exactly catch my collector’s eye. The Batman ’66 figures were great for kids because they were affordable, but everything else made me shrug my shoulders.

I am thankful that McFarlane Toys showed Hasbro that big figures and vehicles could be done without trying to charge the customer $100-$500. Oh, and Todd’s business didn’t go for the whole “no plastic windows” bull.

What do you think of the DC license being renewed? Let us know below.

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