Renny Harlin’s Rebooted ‘The Strangers’ Trilogy Has Wrapped

The Strangers may not be an instantly recognizable horror movie series for some people. The first film debuted in 2008 and was an excellent flick. A decade later, I was on set for the sequel in Kentucky. While it was not as slow-paced as its predecessor, The Strangers Prey at Night was fun. Seeing the massive fireball in person when the truck blew up was a friggin delight. Unfortunately, since 2018, the two films have continued to fade out of memory. So, of course, that means it’s time to reboot the property.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master director Renny Harlin will helm a trilogy of The Strangers movies. Apparently, the entire new trilogy wrapped this week in Bratislava, Slovakia. The reboot will follow a character played by Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch as she “drives cross-country with her longtime boyfriend, played by Froy Gutierrez, to begin a new life in the Pacific Northwest. When their car breaks down in Venus, Oregon, they’re forced to spend the night in a secluded Airbnb, where they are terrorized from dusk till dawn by three masked strangers.

The new movie series will also star Oscar winner Rachel Shenton, who is fresh off the latest adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small, which aired on PBS and Channel 5. Shenton will be playing the sister of Petsch’s character.

A reboot should not be that surprising. The Strangers Prey at Night ended with all three masked villains dead. They weren’t precisely big-name horror monsters like Freddy or Chucky, but the brutality of the trio made them memorable. So, I doubt there will be major backlash for this restart, especially since Harlin has been tapped for three films. There was a ten-year gap between the fantastic 2008 original and the sequel. If Harlin can put together a competent suspenseful horror movie, then we’re all good.

Then again … he did direct the dreadful warlock movie The Covenant. Terrible. Simply terrible.

What do you think of The Strangers being rebooted only four years after the last film? Let us know below!

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