‘Reincarnated as a Sword’ Anime Slashes Into An English Dub

‘Reincarnated as a Sword’ is a fantasy isekai light novel series written by Yuu Tanaka, illustrated by Llo, and published by Micro Magazine in Japan and Seven Seas Entertainment in the United States. In 2022, the Japanese animation studio C2C picked it up for an anime adaption and released a first season of twelve episodes. HiDive announced that they would produce an English dub.

They revealed the cast on their website:

  • Fran – Melissa Molano
  • Teacher – Ty Mahany
  • Garrus – John Swasey
  • Nell – Molly Search
  • Donadrond – Cyrus Rodas
  • Randell – Heath Morrow
  • Eustace – James Marler
  • Klimt – Antonio Lasanta
  • Elevent – John Gremillion
  • Lily – Natalie Rial
  • Rufus – Andrew Love
  • Narrator – Mike Boike
  • System – Kelly Manison

Kyle Colby Jones works on the project as the ADR Director as well as the scriptwriter.

You can watch the trailer for the series below:

The anime is directed by Shinji Ishihira and written by Takahiro Nagano.

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis as follows,

“A nameless sword wakes up to discover he has been reincarnated from his former life as a human. With his power of telekinesis, he moves around this new world, acquiring several skills and abilities. When the sword comes upon a forest filled with monsters, he meets a young girl fleeing from a beast. Grabbing the sword, the girl easily defeats the monster. After introducing herself as Fran, she names the sword “Shishou” and officially becomes his wielder.

The two set out to become adventurers, but unfortunately for Fran, she is a member of the Black Cat Tribe—a Beastkin group with a bad reputation. No member of this tribe has ever evolved into a mightier beast, but Fran plans to be the first and achieve her parents’ dream. As Shishou promises to remain her sword until she attains her goal, they form an unstoppable partnership of impressive strength.”

‘Reincarnated as a Sword’ has been renewed for a second season.

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