Super7 Introduces More ReAction Figures Based On Universal Monsters

Wave 3 of Super7’s Universal Monsters ReAction figures have arrived. With it comes some much needed representation. However, since the significant characters have appeared in the previous waves, no, it’s time to move on to those horror movie villains we don’t usually see.
Boris Karloff appears twice in this wave as Ardath Bey from The Mummy and The Monster, as seen in Son of Frankenstein. Bela Lugosi also returns, but this time as the misshapen Ygor from Son of Frankenstein. There is also a welcome return of Lon Chaney. This time he appears in this wave as the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Now, when can we get his “vampire” from London After Midnight? I guess that would mean Super7 would need to get a license for MGM’s monsters. I’m all for it. That means we could get Fu Manchu and Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde.


Imhotep has risen, and walks among us as Ardeth Bey, a mysterious Egyptian historian who is desperate to resurrect his forbidden love, the princess Ank-su-namun.


Though she’ll never requite his love, there’s nothing Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, won’t do for his beloved Esmeralda.


If you’re Baron Wolf von Frankenstein, sure you’d like to redeem your family name, and show that the monster your father created can actually be a man, but as he learns the hard way, re-branding can be just as peril-fraught as reanimation.


While beauty (or lack thereof) may often only be skin-deep, in the case of Ygor, his twisted physique does not belie the twisted heart of a murderer.

By the look of the cardback, the “civilized” Creature may be the last in this line. There are still a few more monsters out there that have yet to be ReActionized. Which classic baddies are you looking forward to?
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