XBOX Users Can Record Voice Chats To Battle Online Harassment

XBOX Series X|S
Photo Credit: Microsoft

XBOX gamers can soon be sneaky snitches and record in-game voice chats. In a recent blog post, XBOX’s CVP of Player Services, Dave McCarthy, announced the rollout of a new feature designed to combat online harassment.

Instead of simply reporting a player and hoping others do the same so a problematic person gets banned, XBOX will allow users to capture the offender’s voice chat and send it along. This new feedback option will be available on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

It works the same way as sharing gameplay footage. If you encounter abuse, hit the share button on the XBOX controller. The significant difference is that the captured media cannot be downloaded, modified, or stored for more than 24 hours. This window gives the user time to choose whether to report the incident or not:

  • Xbox’s latest safety feature allows players to capture and report inappropriate voice activity on any multiplayer game with in-game voice chat on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  • Players who experience or witness inappropriate verbal behavior can “capture now, report later” minimizing impact to their gameplay.
  • Xbox’s player reporting and evidence capabilities now cover all content including text, image, video, and voice, further supporting player safety.
  • The voice reporting feature will be available first to Xbox Insiders to gather feedback from the community.

The recording will be limited to 60-second clips that capture both video and audio. This week, the new tool will kick off for XBOX Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead XBOX Insiders.

It’s unclear when the broader user base will be able to take advantage of the snitching tool. Would you use it? You may need a new memory card to store all that potential video evidence.

At least Microsoft isn’t trying to offer something as pathetic as Bullyhunters. Remember that? It was a giant trainwreck of a service that was alleged to be a way for Steel Series to sell branded headphones.

Imagine if this had been around during the old Live and 360 days. Phew. Call of Duty matchmaking would have been impossible because nearly everyone would have been banned.

Come to think of it … who still uses in-game voice chat? I’ve been using party chat for many years, so we didn’t have to deal with bad actors or people who didn’t understand how to mute their mics.

What are your worst experiences with public voice chat in XBOX games? Let us know below.

[Source: XBOX]
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