Demon Wind & Freddy’s Nightmares Vinyl Albums Are Here!

Photo Credit: Mondo

Mondo is bringing back Freddy’s Nightmares record and premiering the first-ever vinyl release of Demon Wind‘s soundtrack!

If you’re a fan of terrible and somewhat forgotten entries in the horror genre, then Demon Wind is for you. This is the first time the soundtrack for Charles Philip Moore’s 1990 film has been pressed onto vinyl. The music was composed by Bruce Michael Miller and features glow-in-the-dark art by Earl Kess. Demon Wind‘s soundtrack is $35 and is close to selling out.

Freddy’s Nightmares vinyl features 28 cues from the two-season show, including its opening and closing credits. Composer Nicolas Pike’s liner notes are included, and the cues were transferred from the show’s original master tapes. Unfortunately, this record was released a few years ago in minimal supply. Kindercore has pressed 500 copies of the series’s soundtrack on a creepy burnt flesh-looking vinyl. The record is going for $35, but stock is low!

Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo

According to Spotify, the score comprises eight tracks, some of which are over ten minutes long.

Demon Wind has recently seen a resurgence, thanks to its appearance in High On Life. The movie appears complete with a running commentary by Red Letter Media in a theatre that players can purchase via an in-game store.

Photo Credit: Mondo
Photo Credit: Mondo

While the entirety of the album is not available to preview online, the opening theme is pretty easy to find. However, given that this vinyl is packed with primarily musical cues, I’m not surprised that they haven’t sprung up anywhere. Sadly, Freddy’s Nightmares has yet to get a remastered or restored release on Blu-Ray or digital.

The series ran for only two years, and it came when other horror anthology series started taking off on TV and cable. Since the show was on network television, it wasn’t as violent as the A Nightmare on Elm Street films. However, it did have a few memorable stories. One of these was Krueger’s origins before it was rewritten by Freddy’s Dead a few years later.

[Source: Mondo] [Source: Mondo]
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