Toy Snobs’ New TMNT Figures: Donny Krueger & Mikey Myers

Toy Snobs

Halloween may be over, but you can always plan for next year’s festivities. Toy Snobs just launched a new pre-order campaign for the company’s next bootlegish line of totally-not-ninja-turtles toys. Previously, the company mashed Masters of the Universe with the “Toitles.” Now the heroes in a half shell are merging with two iconic horror movie villains. The end result is Donny Krueger and Mikey Myers.

Like Toy Snobs’ other TMNT figures, each vinyl action figure stands 5.5″ tall, has four points of articulation, and comes in two different price points. For $49.99, you’re getting an “opener” figure. This means that the figure’s packaging will not be mint. The $59.99 “non-opener” option means you’ll receive an inspected and carefully wrapped figure. That’s an odd pricing system.

The delivery time on these two is lengthy. Don’t expect Donny or Mikey to show up for another six months after the pre-order period has ended. It is unclear when the pre-orders will end. The toys are manufactured outside of the States.

Judging by the renders, the paint application looks like it will be minimal. Don’t expect Super7 or NECA’s level of detail regarding these two. I just hope that the Mikey Meyers figure gets some sort of paint applied to the recesses of the mask because the promo images make the toy look incomplete.

Toy Snobs
Toy Snobs

The Toitles have dressed up for Halloween, and thanks to Dan Polydoris for the inspiration, we got the green light to create a full production toys of the Sewer Slashers. Wave 1 features Donny Krueger and everyones favorite Mikey Myers.

I’ve yet to see one of Toy Snobs’ figures firsthand, but we came across a YouTube review from Pixel Dan. Check the video out if you’re on the fence about the abovementioned figures.

Let us know what you think about these new Turtles below!

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