‘The Batman’ LEGO Sets Showoff A Batcave Battle With The Riddler

Potential spoilers are ahead for the upcoming caped crusader movie The Batman. Though LEGO sets aren’t always direct one-to-one representations of the film they’re tied to, the random inclusion of some characters with certain sets points to spoiler territory.
We spotted a load of images from the new The Batman LEGOs at Superhero Hype. The cast of characters shown off includes everyone you’d expect: Batman, Catwoman, Alfred, The Riddler, The Penguin, and James Gordon. What stood out, though, was the Batcave set.
The packaging shows off the riddled in the Batcave running with Gordon about to intercept him. The “cave” isn’t very cave-like. It looks more like Batman’s gaming room. What is interesting is that Bruce Wayne comes in the box and is titled “Drifter.” This may have been an easy way to include a pre-Batman Bruce without dedicating a kit to whatever part of the movie this version of the character shows up in.
The other LEGOs include a Batman and Catwoman chase, Batman mowing down the Penguin in the Batmobile, and a Technic-scale Batmobile. These all range in price from $14.99 up to $99.99.
There appears to be a theme with the Batmobile in both sets. Blue flames will shoot out from the engine at multiple points throughout the car’s body. Does this Batmobile have an engine at the front and rear?
The Batman will finally be in theatres on March 4, 2022.


Personally, I’m not overly excited for this Batman movie. That’s not typical because I collect a lot of Batman stuff and can usually find something to like about just any project featuring the Dark Knight. I came across the new Batmobile Hotwheel last month, and if I’d not seen the movie’s logo on the packaging, I’d have easily mistaken it for something from the Fast & The Furious franchise.
What are your thoughts on The Batman? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Superhero Hype]

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