Want Henry Cavill As Superman? Buy This 1:3 Scale Statue!

Photo Credit: JND Studios

The sad reality is that Henry Cavill is not returning as Superman. However, you can own a near-perfect statue of him as the Man of Steel for just a couple thousand dollars. The thing is, you’re going to have to wait until the second half of next year to get it.

JND Studios has started taking preorders for its 1:3 scale Justice League Superman replica. The starting price is $2,599, and for an additional $799, you can get an alternate “Heat-Vision” interchangeable bust and a pair of clenched fists. Each Hyperreal Movie Statue has rooted hair, glass eyes, and a head made of silicone to give it a more realistic look.

Superman will stand close to 36″ tall, including the base. As of writing this, the statue has sold out on JND’s website; however, it still can be preordered at the Big Bad Toy Store, but without the Heat-Vision option. Unfortunately, you’ll also be paying a bit of a premium, $2,999.99.

Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios

The price may be a bit of a shocker, but JND offers a payment plan. If you choose the base Superman statue, the payments are $260/month for eight months with an initial downpayment of $520. If you decide to get the Heat-Vision add-on, payments are $340/m and a $680 deposit.

We’d previously covered JND Studios when the company announced a 1:3 scale The Batman statue. If the latest version of Bruce Wayne isn’t to your liking, they also offer Christian Bale’s Batman, The Dark Knight’s Joker, TDKR’s Catwoman, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, JL’s Wonder Woman, and even a pre-Joker Arthur Fleck. If you’re still a fan of Amber Heard, you can get a Mera statue, too.

I wonder if the Harley Quinn statue is anatomically correct. How many people do you think bought her figure and tried undressing it?

[Source: JND Studios]

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