Pennywise Prequel “Welcome to Derry” Coming To HBO Max?

It’ has been three years since the most recent adaptation of Stephen King’s IT was in theatres. We all thought it was over for the Losers and the killer clown that dwelled in Derry’s sewers. We were wrong.
Variety has learned that HBO is putting together a prequel series exploring the history of Derry and IT, aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The Word is that part of the prequel will occur in the 1960s, but nothing has been officially announced. So, take all this info with a grain of salt.
In the books, IT crashed on Earth millions of years ago. That crash site would eventually become Derry, Maine, and IT’s influence would cause several disasters and acts of unspeakable violence as humans began to settle the area. There are lots of opportunities to tell some interesting stories.
Allegedly, the director of the two feature films, Andy Muschietti, is set to be the executive producer. Barbara Muschietti and Andy developed the story while Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) is serving as the series’ scriptwriter.
IT: Chapters 1 & 2 were interesting visually, but as far as a decent adaptation of Stephen King’s book, it was a total dud. Pennywise’s design tried too hard to be creepy and his way of terrifying his victims was too tame compared to the books. It’s laughable that the cosmic terror was ultimately killed by the kids bullying it.
Let’s hope Mike’s family gets more screen time than he did. That was the most insulting part of the two films. Mike, in the books, is pretty much the central character that brings everything together and the story of his family’s history with Derry’s rottenness and IT was the most interesting. I doubt HBO will do the whole Black Spot thing any justice, but maybe they’ll prove me wrong.
What do you think of a prequel series based on the movie version of IT? Let us know in the comments section below.
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