Facebook’s VR-Based Ads Cancelled Due To Pushback?

Ads are inescapable now. As more devices become connected to the internet in one way or another, companies are finding ways to turn that new digital space into moneymakers. If it has wifi, get ready for some sales pitch to appear somewhere.
My new TV? Yup, the menu system has ads. Paying for XBOX Live? Ads galore as soon as I log in. The same happens on the Playstation, but at a less intrusive level. I paid for a game, and suddenly I see random ads for game-related and totally unrelated merchandise, TV shows, or movies.
A bright spot is shining in this dreary world of overly familiar adverts. There is a company out there that heard the complaints of the customer base and actually listened. You know, that thing companies should do instead of getting snarky on social media.
Via PCMag, Resolution Games, the makers of a VR game called Blaston, decided to step away from implementing Facebook’s VR-based advertisements. Rather than subjecting Oculus Quest gamers to commercials in a game they paid for, and Resolution Games said, “No. Thanks anyway.”
Check out this tweet from the game’s official Twitter account:


I’ve not played Blaston yet. So, I cannot tell you how any in-game ads would affect the overall experience. Nevertheless, Resolution Games should be commended for listening to the customer base. They were quite vocal.
While the Facebook ads won’t be in Blaston, they may show up in one of Resolution Games’ free titles. In a follow-up tweet in the same thread, the developer made the following statement:

Facebook’s VR advertisements are still in the testing phase. If you’ve used the social media site before, you’ve seen the number of ads. Some are intrusive. Some know way too much about you. Some even advertise companies and schemes that border on illegal.
Have you played Blaston? What would you think if ads started showing up in games you paid for? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: PCMag]

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