NECA’s Newest D&D Figures Include Strongheart & Zarak

NECA has not given up on the D&D line of collectible action figures. Following up

This time around, NECA is giving us the human paladin Strongheart and the assassin Orc Zarak.

True to his classic appearance, Strongheart spots a manly mustache and a detailed suit of armor. Hallmarks of the character’s design from the early AD&D artwork and the LJN toys are here, too. However, the wings on the side of his helmet have been pinned back.

Strongheart will be in stores around September.

The green-skinned Orc Zarak was someone I didn’t expect to show up. I can’t remember the last time hearing the character’s name mentioned. He stands roughly half as tall as the other figures but makes up for it with some excellent detail and a striking face sculpt.

The LJN version of this figure would usually turn up in thrift store bins often, making him a great army builder alternative. Thankfully, NECA gave the Ultimate figure lots of character, so he stands out if he’s destined for your display case.

Zarak will be out in September, as well.

Ultimate Strongheart
Photo Credit: NECA
Ultimate Strongheart
Photo Credit: NECA
Ultimate Strongheart
Photo Credit: NECA

The fearless Strongheart has devoted his life to justice and often risks his life to ensure that good triumphs over evil.

The brave hero enters battle with the following accessories:

Sword w/ sheath




Helmet visor

Cloth cape

(3) Pairs of interchangeable hands



Ultimate Zarak
Photo Credit: NECA
Ultimate Zarak
Photo Credit: NECA
Ultimate Zarak
Photo Credit: NECA

What evil assassin Zarak lacks in conscience, he makes up for in accessories.

Zarak comes with the following:

  • Sword
  • 2x Daggers
  • Potion bottle
  • grappling hook w/ rope
  • 2x Portraits (hooded and exposed heads)
  • (7) Interchangeable hands

I hope NECA releases last year’s convention-exclusive retro-styled Dungeons & Dragon figures. The Ultimate versions are cool and all, but I like the displayability of the classic figures.

Did you pick up the classic or Ultimate D&D figures from NECA? Let us know below.

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