Superman Actor Dean Cain Blasts Captain America Comic Slamming The American Dream

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Marvel Comics’ new series “The United States of Captain America” has faced some backlash from a handful of fans for a bizarre inner monologue given by Steve Rogers. ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ star Dean Cain was among those who slammed the comic book.
“…The first American dream is the one that isn’t real. It’s one some people expect to just be handed to them,” Captain America opines in the first issue. “When the truth is, it never really existed in the first place… other cultures. Immigrants… We’re at our best when we keep no one out. A good dream is shared. Shared radically. Shared with everyone. When something isn’t shared, it can become the American lie.”
In an interview with Fox News, Cain stated that it is the “cool, the fashionable thing to do is to bash America and to hate America.” He added that “wokeness” is becoming pervasive in the entertainment industry and that he is tired of “anti-Americanism.”
“I am on the exact opposite side of the fence. I love this country. It’s not perfect,” Cain continued. “We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, as we all know. But I believe she’s the most fair, equitable country ever with more opportunity than anyone’s ever seen. And that’s why people are clamoring to get here from all over the globe.”
This is not the first time that Marvel Comics has tried to distance Captain America from his country. The 1970s and 1980s saw similar story-arcs where Cap split with the United States. He would often take on the title The Captain or Nomad during this time. In 2019, the “Captain of Nothing” arc had this theme of Steve Rogers leaving the shield behind.
One of the most infamous examples is the “Secret Empire” where Captain America is revealed to be a Nazi sleeper agent in Hydra. This story was retconned in the final issue as the story proved unpopular with fans.

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