The Spengler Neutrona Wand Returns, Now With An Annoying Change

Since the HasLab Proton Pack crowdfunding campaign succeeded in a massive way, the Spengler Neutrona Wand has been in high demand. Why? Because you need it to complete the pack! That’s a nit-pick in its own right, but that’s where we stand. The wand had been available long before Ghostbusters” Afterlife hit theatres and was sold out everywhere by the time HasLab announced the 1:1 scale prop replica was coming out.
So, for months we’ve seen these things on eBay and other places going for well over $150. Hasbro recognized that it will probably have a lot of angry backers to deal with if the pack launches in 2023 and no one has the part needed to complete the thing.
The Neutrona Wand is again available on Hasbro Pulse for pre-order, but the ship date isn’t until Spring 2023, right when the Proton Packs are due to ship. The wand is now priced at $124.99, and everything looks the same except for one huge orange difference. The tip of the thrower is now toy gun orange. Up. The thing that discharges your proton stream now has a safety plug.
Why is this necessary? The kiddy version that was released last year didn’t have this. It’s still clear plastic. Maybe this is just a precaution because Hasbro knows many cosplayers will be striding around with this somewhat gun-looking device in their hands next year? Maybe.
It’s really unsightly that this $125 replica now looks like a kid’s toy. Get a silver Sharpie pen and fix that issue right away when you get yours.
Aside from this change, everything else looks to be the same. All of the lights, sounds, and functions are there, including the multiple different effects from Ghostbusters: The Video Game. One thing I do hope Hasbro changes is the intensity level indicator lights. I dislike that it’s a sticker over a few LEDs rather than using the same part we see in the film and on the Matty Collector version of the wand.


With premium design and deco, LEDs, authentic sound effects, motorized vibrations intensity adjustment, stream extension with four unique bustin’ modes, and display stand, this Neutrona Wand roleplay item is so much fun it’s scary!

  • ICONIC GHOSTBUSTERS COLLECTIBLE: This Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand features premium design and deco based on the one seen in the 2021 film Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • LIGHTS, SOUNDS, AND VIBRATIONS: LEDs, authentic sound effects, and motorized vibrations allow fans and collectors to imagine they’re wrangling all sorts of spooky spirits and gruesome ghouls
  • FOUR GHOST BUSTIN’ MODES: Prepare for any supernatural situation and cycle through four modes with the press of a button, including classic Proton Stream, Slime Blower, Stasis Stream, and Meson Collider modes
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Featuring premium design and deco, fans and collectors can display this premium roleplay item in their Ghostbusters collection, while the orange tip deco allows fans to use the wand in cosplay and public environments
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