Live-Action ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ Movie Coming To Netflix

Oh. It’s happening. Another anime adaptation is coming to Netflix. Yes, we’re going to get a live-action ‘Gundam’ movie, according to Forbes.
Netflix announced via a tweet, and I bit my lip as I stared at my collection of Gunpla. Oh, what could be in store for us? What changes will be made to appease the people who will never watch it?

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is no stranger to directing large-scale action. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ was pretty good. Well, the parts with Kong and John C. Reilly were pretty good. Other than that, I don’t remember too much about the film. Brie Larson was in there somewhere, right? I vaguely remember Samuel Jackson played Samuel Jackson, too.
‘Gundam’ isn’t something that can really be addressed in one film. That’s what worries me. Can a single cinematic entry encapsulate a property with decades’ worth of movies and shows? What storyline do you pick? Which characters do you focus on? Can two hours of runtime handle the entirety of the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation conflict?
I wouldn’t doubt that the film will probably take on the original ‘0079’ plotline but truncated and left open-ended for a sequel. The story will be penned by ‘Lost’ writer Brian K. Vaughan. So, it may have some complex elements. Let’s hope the story goes somewhere.
If you want to see what the ‘Gundam’ movie could look like, check out these cutscenes from the mess known as ‘Gundam 0079: The War for Earth.’ Oh, the mispronunciations and awkward dialog…

What are your thoughts on Netflix’s track record of animation-to-live-action adaptations? Which storylines from ‘Gundam’ do you think would work in a two-hour movie? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Forbes]