Doctor Doom Is Decked Out In White For His Newest Bust

Diamond Select Toys

Secret Wars Doctor Doom is full of magic, and he’s ready to come home to wreck Thanos! This newest mini-bust from Diamond Select Toys shows off Doom as he appeared during 2015’s Secret Wars.
This 6″ tall work of art is currently available for pre-order on Previews World. Doom will set you back $99. Pre-orders are open until June 20th, with the mini-bust expected to be arriving on November 30th.

Diamond Select Toys
Diamond Select Toys

Call him Doom! Wearing his white robes as seen in the hit Marvel crossover Secret Wars, this approximately 6-inch mini-bust of Doom wields translucent blue energy as he prepares to cast a spell, or perhaps unleash a blast from his high-tech gauntlets. This bust of the Fantastic Four foe is limited to only 1000 pieces, and comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Designed by Nelson Asencio, sculpted by Juan Pitluk!

Imbued with god-like powers, Doctor Victor Von Doom ruled Battleworld a little more aggressively than he did Latveria. This, of course, caught the eye of Thanos. The Mad Titan thought Doom was no threat, but Thanos made the mistake of informing Doom he no longer possessed the Infinity Gauntlet. Seizing upon this realization of weakness, Doom ripped Thanos’s skeleton from his body.
Doom was pretty brutal during this mini-series. If you’ve not read it yet, I suggest you do. Thanos was not the only big name Doctor Doom killed off. The arc of Secret Wars is something that would make for a great Phase 5 roadmap if the Marvel Cinematic Universe survives the mediocrity that is Phase 4.
Doom is one of those characters that makes for a great villain and draws sympathy. Unlike most MCU baddies, you could somewhat root for Doom if a good screenwriter is on hand who understands the character and doesn’t see him as a basic “deformed villain in an Iron Man-like suit.”
What do you think of Secret Wars Doom? Let us know below.
[Source: Previews World]

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